Friday, February 10, 2006

Kid rock, no relation to the guy with stringy hair

So I was writing about the White Stripes and kids yesterday and look at this picture. This is a kid band and by that I don’t mean, kid’s band, although sure, could be that too, but no, I mean they are kids in a band, with some adult, probably a parent, creating the music. They are called ShiSho. The song, Get Behind Me Santa, is cute and not in a too annoying way. I love the squeaky voice in the middle telling the "jokes." Other kid bands include the Trachtenburg Family Sideshow Players, but hey, the little girl in that band is not singing, she's playing drums. I’m very familiar with another kid band, Rock Jack, because the singer Ezra Lux, is my nephew. He's four. Years old. They got lots of press and he’s quite the superstar on his Mission neighborhood playground. Do you want to listen to this over and over? Probably not. Do you want to play it for someone because it’s kind of funny? Maybe. And hey, the kids might love it and get all inspired on your arse.

Shisho, “Get Behind Me Santa”
Trachtenburg Family Sideshow Players, “Eggs”
Rock Jack, “Toilet Master”

Shisho has a web page and a My Space page. The Trachtenburg Family have a site and a My Space page. Rock Jack has a My Space page too. Who doesn’t? Me, that’s who. Then again, I got two blogs and a buncha websites.


ShiSho said...

Hello Clea - this is Midge

Thank you for the letter. It's really nice. We have been to see the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. We saw them at Clebend (Cleveland) we talked to Rachel for a while. The drummer. I think I was four... yes I was four. My mom is... She really likes.. I don't know if you've heard this band... my Mom likes Mike Doughty. I never heard of him. She has two CDs - well three actually.. one CD has two CDs.

Professor PueShu is not my dad. See, my dad is writing this right now. He had yellow hair but he doesn't have yellow hair right now. Well Professor PueShu is not my dad. He is a friend of mine. And so yes, he lives far away. Well, there is a baby ... let's see what is a good name to make up.. Marrina. Baby Marrina... she is so cute. She is PueShu's daughter. We played at PueShu's house.

Thank you for being our friends. Thank you for putting us on your blog. Well there is four new songs that I did. One is Courtney Sat on a Rock. Two is uh Rocks and Penalties. And three is Parents Suck Kids Rule. The first one is Parents Suck Kids Rule... then Rocks and Penalties then Courney Sat on a Rock.

I can' t believe that a four year old boy did that! (Rock Jack) I mean that was ... That was. He did a very good job... but he's a four year old. He did a good job... a very good job. A good job.

Well I like some favorite bands... I like Relient K, I like I also like... duh duh... . I like Tullycraft too... I don't know if you've heard of that. I like Dressy Bessy and I also like the All Girl Summer Fun Band. Switchfoot. I also like the Harry and the Potters. My sister is reading the Harry Potter series and she is on number two.. She is almost done. And then she is going to do uhmygosh what is it? The Chronicles of Narnia - and she is going to see the movies too.

Well the instruments I play.. well I just think it's cool because other girls does the drums and I think that's cool. And so - like other girls like ... they... they... I just think girls like the drums - well, some girls don't. Some girls like - they also like the guitars.

I think kids do a lot of music. Like us and like Smoosh and your nephew and Rachel Trachtenburg - she almost stayed at our house but they are allergic to cats. And we have Ms Tra La La.

Keep checking on MySpace. bye bye


Carnival said...

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Aesop said...

Actually I could listen to Rock Jack over and over again, and have!!!

Anyways, just thought I'd pop in and tell you that Ezra is currently working on his interpretation of the Beach Boy's classic "Pet Sounds" album to be called "Pet Wounds". Oh, I couldn't even begin to make this up.

Thanks, big sis.

Health Blog said...

They got lots of press and he’s quite the superstar on his Mission neighborhood playground.