Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pankcake Mountain

So there is this kids' cable access television show in DC called, "Pancake Mountain" that attracts some hilarious indie guest stars to perform their own take on the theme song or even better, a song of their own. We picked up a couple of DVDs online and they're pretty wacky... and funny. One of the videos we bought has Steel Pulse and Thievery Corp. My daughter likes them and sings the theme often. So now they have some video online that you can check out for yourself. Rufus the talking/lisping dog interviews the likes of the Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire, the Fiery Furnaces and Juliette Lewis and then they all sing! With kids dancing all around! I'm linking the video page here but also, just check out the whole site and buy some DVDs, all at PancakeMountain.com.

The Pancake Mountain video series


Medicine said...

My daughter likes them and sings the theme often.