Sunday, April 15, 2012

Several years ago I stopped doing smALL AGES. Then it had become too hard with a little one and a burgeoning business. In it's original incarnation smALL AGES was primarily about music that kids enjoyed that didn't annoy the parents. I was a new Mom and couldn't stand the stuff being passed off as kid's music. But also the blog was about my daughter and our burgeoning relationship and her own burgeoning relationship to music. So if you keep going backwards from this point in the blog you will find posts about those such things, you will read about my daughter in her toddler years and you will find lots of dead links to music. Doesn't mean those links can't inspire you to seek out that very same music, you simply can't hear that stuff on my blog any longer.

Flash forward to now: As I write this my daughter is now in 5th grade and has only a slightly different relationship to music than she did so many years ago. And she's every more opinionated on it, well about everything. And that is I guess what inspired me to come back here and begin again. This time though, she's not just along for the ride, but an active participant. Be forewarned though: while she has a killer point of view, a sense of humor that transcends her years and quirkiness to spare, the kid can't spell at all. It's her Father's curse.


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Ernest Wuethrich said...

I'm interested in submitting music for you guys to check out....what's your email address?

Unknown said...
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