Monday, May 07, 2007

There are songs in here somewhere

Yeah it's been forever and ever. In part it's due to being busy with so many other things but I have to say it's also because my daughter has been stuck on pretty much one CD.

We went to Kokua Fest on Oahu and in anticipation of seeing Jack Johnson that's all she wanted to hear and since seeing him, that's all she wants to hear. To say she loved it would be an understatement. She beamed, she rocked out, she shook her body, she pressed herself far beyond the limits of your average five year old and stayed up way, way too late but slept in the next day -- a first for us! Seriously, she doesn't understand the concept of going to bed late / sleeping in, but she finally got it on vacation this year.

And don't tell me that I dictate the taste of my five year old because I don't. I think the Jack is nice sure, pleasant yes, but what I listen to? Nope, never actually. Ditto for my husband. But hey, she can sing along, she understands a lot of the lyrics, they're mild and gentile, so hey, I cannot complain.

But with her not even willing to listen to new songs, it's hard to write a new post. So I've been focusing my limited blogging attentions to my Getting Over The Dork blog, which is a blog of break-up songs of all sorts, that I readied in anticipation of the February 2008 release of my tenth book, 30 Days To Getting Over the Dork You Used To Call Your Boyfriend (Delacorte). Not exactly the most compatible blog with this one, but still, fun and music-filled.

So a few things have happened since I wrote last that I should definitely mention:

Play, the compilation CD, is claiming to be the first cool CD of cool music for kids. Well, we know that isn't true, they aren't the first. But it is pretty darn cool, mostly. Featuring songs from bands like the Young Fresh Fellow, Supersuckers, Mudhoney, Mary Timony, Mirah and Visqueen (and other bands I wasn't familiar with like The Cassettes and Georgie Fame.) Some are covers or re-interpretations, some are originals. I'm especially fond of the song by the band Soccer Team, which turns out is two people who work at Dischord. Their song, "I'll Never Fear Ghosts Again" is my hands-down fave from the CD. Um, let's see other thoughts-- I don't think "Nellie the Elephant" should have been covered-- it's a weak version and the original is so darn awesome for kids and adults alike. I got Tuesday to listen to this CD once and she dug the Mudhoney song, "I Like To Make Noise" for it's plaintive sentiment. Overall, it is worth the price of admission and if you buy it from Pokey Pup they will donate some proceeds to Cal Robbins, the young son of J. Robbins who was in Jawbox and here on this CD in the band the Channels. Cal Robbins was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Good CD, good cause.

Buy it here from Pokey Pup!

Soccer Team, "I'll Never Fear Ghosts Again"

Because of my laziness and non-blogging I missed out telling you about the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls Online Auction which ends, um, today! But that doesn't mean I can't tell you that they are currently accepting apps for summer camp. It's happening in Brooklyn in August and here is their little PR spiel: The camp is a non-profit educational summer arts program serving girls ages 8-18 in New York City. At Rock Camp, girls learn to play musical instruments, form bands, write songs, rock out, and perform. Camp also offers a variety of workshops, from sound engineering and songwriting to self-defense and band art. Campers sign up for drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, or DJ/turntables. No musical experience necessary. Instruments provided. All genres of music welcome. Sliding scale tuition.

Download an application here, at their website.


Putumayo Kids, the people who bring us world beat albums for our children, are spearheading an "Animal Playground" Tour and it starts in my hometown, at our world-famous zoo. The artist is a Trinidad gentleman who goes by Asheba and while I know nothing about him, we will check this out and see what's it's like. May 18th he's at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and May 19th he's at the SD Zoo. For more dates, hit Putumayo's website here.


They Might Be Giants are out and about touring and are making it to SD in a few weeks, but with their "adult" show (not to imply they have burlesque dancers or anything, but you know, they are playing bars, not all ages shows.) Got me thinking I really don't write about them too much considering how much we do listen to the TMBG machine. So here is one to hear, and don't forget them when you're purchasing music for your kids, your friends kids, etc. and etc. This one is educational and catchy.

They Might Be Giants, "Why Does The Sun Shine?"


The XM Kids Traveling Road Show has embarked. This has been going on for a week now and has a couple more weeks. Bus + radio show + live bands + Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Small Ages faves Lunch Money will participate May 12th in Charlotte, NC. It's a great idea, raising money, awareness and spirits at the kids' hospitals, although I would have preferred a different sponsor than Wal-Mart (not a fan) but hey, whatever works. Check out the dates and see if they are coming to your town.


Anything else? How about this song about the innocent joys of a bicycle (which by the by, the aformentioned Lunch Money has a great song about too!) This one is by the Jellydots, which are an Austin, Texas band who switch up their styles a bit from song to song (which is weird to me, but okay) and they make music for kids that isn't too kid-like (which is not weird to me and definitely okay.) Oh just see for yourself.

Jellydots, "Bicycle"


deb in sf said...

You've hit many of my kiddie hot spots this time, my pal. First is you - just you - making me smile with your presence. Yay. Lunch money. Yay, again. Every time I think of them, I gush. TMBG is my latest re-crush. Listening to them talk to ella on STR, STC over there with Bill just lit my fire. What cool guys. Who knew they were so cool when I was bopping along 15 years ago, acting like a loon? And the jellydots? LOVE. Doug ROCKS! He just makes me happy. He's one of those small ages things where it's kids music, but I like it.... Oh? is that a post I feel coming on???

xx, clea! Hawaii! Wow! good for you...

Jeff - OWTK said...

Hi Clea. Good to hear from you again. Congrats (in advance) on your 10th book!

We are digging the Putumayo Animal Playground disc. Can't go see the live show as it is on day 2 of summer day camp. I will have a full review of the CD soon.

Don't be a stranger!

the king of carrot flowers said...

just wanted to state that there is also a Southern Rock and Roll Camp for Girls (with sessions in Murfreesboro and Memphis)

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