Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Merry Chanukah

Hey, they're the premier Jew band of the season-- the LeeVees. They are Adam Gardner (Guster) and Dave Schneider (the Zambonis) and they put out an indie rock record last year called Hanukkah Rocks.

There is also an iTunes exclusive EP which I will not post for you here but you can go get for pennies.

On their website you can get ringtone and ringback tones of their mini-songs, "I Want an iPod (and By The Way, Happy Hanukkah") and "Little Jewish Friend."

There is an e-Card too. And live shows? Yep, they're even playing a temple in Connecticut. Here are the dates:

Dec 16th - Bridgeport, CT @ Temple B'nai Israel
Dec 17th - Chicago, IL @ Kinetic Playground - Dave and Adam acoustic
Dec 21st - Boston, MA @ TT The Bears - Dave and Adam acoustic

Dec 23rd - Brooklyn, NY @ Southpaw Jewltide w/ Corn Mo & Tim Fite

Hey, they're fun. And pretty damn funny, too.

The LeeVees, "Nun Gimmel"
The LeeVees, "Applesauce vs. Sour Cream"

Visit their site.


Anonymous said...

Max has been telling me that he wants to get "more in touch with the Jewish culture"! His dork DNA is strong. I'll play him these tomorrow and see if they help a bit. We did sing the traditional awful chanukah songs at the school sing-along tonight. Banjo and handclaps make everything cooler!

Indigo said...

They opened for BNL last year. They were the best opening band I've seen in forever. I may have to travel the 2 hours to Boston and check them out.