Saturday, October 21, 2006

Spooky Music, Part One.

Yesterday I went apple picking with my daughter and her kindergarten class. Very fun stuff, the kind of stuff that tinges those dreams you get when you're holding a newborn and wondering what the future holds for you and her. Prior to leaving for the orchard, I got to sit in on their assembly (mind you, her school has about 60 kids total, for all grades K-8.) It was kickstarted with a wild dance to Sister Sledge's "We are Family." Like all 60 kids crazily dancing in this packed room to "We Are Family." My daughter sang along to every word, apparently they do this every Friday morning and I had no idea. Absolute hysteria. But actually not as funny as the night before-- she was in the bathtub and out of nowhere she just busted out with these words:

You've got to give a little,
take a little,
and let your poor heart break a little.
That's the story of, that's the glory of love.

You've got to laugh a little,
cry a little,
until the clouds roll by a little.
That's the story of, that's the glory of love.

Yep, Mr. Shane, her music teacher has taught the five year olds "Glory of Love." Damn cute.

Okay, some Halloween tunes to start off your own CD of Evil sounds. In the words of my five year old daughter, "prepare to meet your doom!" (She's obsessed with Power Rangers of late. I didn't even know they still showed that stuff, but apparently the franchise is alive and well and just as bad as ever!) This is part one of the Evil series. There is a part two and three yet to come.

The Cramps, "Big Black Witchcraft Rock"
Roky Erickson,
"I Walked With A Zombie"
Adams Family Theme Song (.wav)
Rob Zombie, "The Munsters Theme"
Music for Zombies,
"Carnival of Souls"
Violent Femmes,
"The Werewolf"

** Warning ** Roky Erickson songs are scary. The Cramps are never PC and the V. Femmes song does mention ripping off the maid's clothes to a round of applause. Hey, it's Halloween. I know I mentioned I made a CD for my daughter's class and I didn't include the Cramps or Femmes on that one, but I did go for the Erickson track.

I don't mind the discussion continuing regarding the merits of blogging full songs vs. the detriments, but if you comment on this cause, please don't do it anonymously. It's just weird to have a dialogue with "anon." And we promise, we won't hunt you down and poke you.

Also, in case some of you have been following me or this for awhile, I used to have another blog called Yer Little Sister. Where'd it go? A few months back, I moved everything over to my address. It is there that I just spew and write when I feel like it and post other thoughts and comments and yes, music. There are links to all my books there as well, and you know, the holidays are coming up!! You can also read a "free" short story there and soon I will re-post my "free book," (it was up last holiday season) which is a holiday extravaganza that you can download and print. See, as a a creative person who has to make money from my craft, I feel if you read a free story or download a free book and like it, you're far more likely to spend the money to buy my other books. Just like these music blogs and, oh, nevermind...

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deb in sf said...

me-o-my-o how we love these songs. We decorated the front window and door for Halloween today after soccer and then listened to the first four songs. Max was jumping round like a loon. Though, apparently, not quite scary enough for him... But definitely Halloween enough. We'll have to hear the last two and see if they work the scare magic. Or maybe we can hear your girl saying "prepare to meet your doom!". I bet that would scare the pants off him!

Eric Herman said...

Oh, how cool. I've got a Halloween gig this Friday and needed some more ideas for songs to do. I don't know that I'll do Rory Erikson's (or "Mr. Trying to Sound like Mick Jagger"?) song, but I might have to do my own kind of "walk like a zombie" song.

Hurry up with Part 2! :o)