Monday, October 09, 2006

Some Trees Grow Bananas

It's Zak from the two mirrors. So either I've been holding out on you, or you all have been holding out on me. You see there is some great kids music being made by Jon Allmett. He also makes music for adults but has one cd released that focuses on music for kids. Jon's work with children at summer camps such as Camp Sunshine and Camp Kudzu inspired him to write an entire album of songs written specifically for children (and their families). However you should be forewarned, Jon Allmet is the Wierd Al of kids music. You see he takes songs that we as adults know well and makes them into REALLY funny kids songs. He also has some very brillant originals too. Look at the track listing below and see what songs he spoofs.

1. Four Fingers and Your Thumb (Violent Femmes, Blister in the Sun)
2. Georgia Gold
3. Don't Ask Me Why
4. Love Is
5. Rocky Road
6. A Clown Named Earl (Jimmy Buffett, Brown Eyed Girl)
7. New ABC's
8. Favorite Crayons
9. Some Trees Grow Bananas (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama)
10. Seesawing (Tom Petty, Free Fallin)
11. Summer of 99' (Bryan Adams, Summer of 69)
12. Slippin' in my Socks
13. Rainbow Connection
14. Wonderbread (John Mayer, Wonderland)

So, Aiden and Anna have been loving this cd for about a year now, and it occured to me that I had not written about it yet. So back to my original statement, if you know about this guy and you haven't shared then you are just as bad as I am. Try these four songs...

Four Fingers and Your Thumb (
Violent Femmes, Blister in the Sun)--Jon Allmet

New ABC's (original track)--Jon Allmet

Seesawing (
Tom Petty, Free Fallin)--Jon Allmet MOST HIGHLY RECCOMENDED

Summer of 99 (
Bryan Adams, Summer of 69)--Jon Allmet MOST HIGHLY RECCOMENDED


Clea, we can't wait for your return. Not because we are not having fun taking over your site, but we realize how superior you are. Hope all is well!


deb in sf said...

I'm gonna have to get a copy of this. I don't know how to play the wma files on my mac, but I am so intrigued! it's worth the $10 to hear his interp of blister in the sun!

Thanks for the new stuff, Zak.... as always.

Phil said...

Deb, I think iTunes (Mac and PC) will convert those WMA files. That's what I do on my PC with iTunes... Convert them to MP3.

Great songs, Zak!

The Two Mirrors said...

Sorry for the wma thingy. I swear I am such a prehistoric blogger and I am still trying to figure this whole thing out. Sometimes the songs I post I import into itunes and then some people have trouble downloading them.

So sorry Deb. I think you and your kids will truly LOVE this record so go check it out.

Glad you all liked the songs.

deb in sf said...

Hey, whatev. I just bought the record and let that be that. I spend all our not-disposable (we have no disposable) cash on music. I'll buy a cd at a show just to be supportive of the musician and because nobody else is buying one. Well, not if I really don't like the music, but if I like it at all...

anyway, I'll hear it one way or another. Blister in the Sun was one of those songs of my teenage years.... My very tangential brush with punk. I don't usually love these re-dos but I just HAVE to hear this one. And you make it sound so cool.

Eric Herman said...

Wow. That's good stuff. I'll have to feature him on my blog at some point. Thanks for sharing that, Zak!

Eric Herman said...

Oh, by the way, it's Van Morrison who did "Brown-eyed Girl".

Eric said...

Great blog you have here. I've been a lurker for awhile and discovered a lot that I can "feed" to my young daughter. I don't need any help corrupting her young musical mind, but you do a great job assisting me. She'll be 1 on Sunday. :)