Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Born to Country Dance

Where does he come up with this stuff? I’d swear it was just a procrastination tactic, but it was too golden. I don’t make these things up, truly.

Max came in to me when I was working the other day asking for a music break from his homework. He wanted to hear a country song because “momma, I was born to country dance.” Excuse me? After I got up of the floor from laughing all my inappropriate body parts off, I told him to do two more lines of writing and then I’d play him a country song. My boy’s got some moves, all right. I don’t know if they’re country, but they’re all Max.

We are city people, but this is great and very danceable stuff. You probably already know these songs, but hey, it never hurts to hear them again, I don’t think.

Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
Hank Williams – Move It On Over
Patsy Cline – Side By Side

I gotta say, now that Clea’s back, I feel a little shy. I don’t know jack about music except that I like what I like and I think sharing it is more fun than singing and dancing alone in my living room. So, in that spirit, I continue on and hope you enjoy some of my wacky, dork princess tastes. Thanks for letting me stay and play, Clea!

--deb in sf


superclea said...

Oh Tuesday likes Ring of Fire too! I hadn't ever played her Move It On Over but it makes quite good sense. Thank you dork princess, thank you for playing along with me!

kelli ann said...

thank you, deb, for sharing your thoughts (please! share the country moves, too!) (and helping me feel like less of a dork in the process....) ciao!