Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don't Take My Man

Three gals from Portland. I like their name. The Jolenes. One of the girls is named Candy.

This song is full of double entendre but who cares. Your kids don't know any better. To them it's an ode to their favorite summertime snack and on this one of the last days of summer (if you have kids, that is) that seems apropos.

The Jolenes also cover Stevie Nicks' tune "Leather and Lace" on their Get It To Go CD. It sounds just like the new Liz Phair (as opposed to the admittedly better old one) covering it. For what that's worth.

The Jolenes, "Ice Cream"

Bonus girly-song:

Dressy Bessy, "Princess"*

*They are talking about a girl being a bitch, but hey, the kids will latch on to the innocuous chorus. I guess today's theme at small ages is inappropriate tunes for your tots.

More about: The Jolenes, Dressy Bessy


deb in sf said...

I love your theme of the day! Summertime inappropriateness. Rockin' good fun. If my littles weren't sleeping, they'd be jumping all over the bed. That's what it's all about.

Now, back to work.... damn!