Monday, July 03, 2006

The Enchanted One, That's Me

So I've been down with the flu.

In July. In 90 degree weather.

So I'm gonna ease back into this with a post that I've wanted to do, but couldn't because the CD wasn't in its case (a re-occurring problem in our household.) Carole King did this children's record back in the 70s, when I was a wee one, based on stories by the wonderful Maurice Sendak ("Where the Wild Things Are.") At the time I was listening to my mom's Rolling Stones, Jackson Browne and Beatles records. But she got me this record and despite thinking I was too old for kid stuff, I was eight, I thought it was great. It helped that there was a book and a TV special too, to drill the stuff into my brain, but really I remember genuinely liking it. My favorite song was a short one, called "Screaming and Yelling." At the end of each segment, Carole King, as the kid Rosie, refers to herself as "The Enchanted One." That is the exact place where I envisioned myself as Super Clea. My family did a lot of yelling.

The whole thing is about shining as the star you are, self-esteem and all that jazz, and its presented in such a truly lovely manner. I threw in a few songs (including the classic Sendak story "Pierre") although honestly, I like 90% of this CD. It's so very worth buying but I did hear that Sony is possibly re-releasing it re-mastered? I don't know, I don't know that your kids are gonna know the diff.

Carole King, "Screaming and Yelling"
Carole King, "Pierre"
Carole King, "Really Rosie"

Buy: Really Rosie


deb in sf said...

I didn't have this as a kid, but I feel like I did when I listen with my littles. Our dear friend told us we HAD to have it and we did. Pierre is one of our favorite stories, even before we had the record.

A aligators all around....

deb in sf said...

ps - sorry about the sucky flu. hope you're better soon.

Susan said...

Love this CD...even my 2 year old sings "One was Johnny"

Jeff - OWTK said...

How cool to see another blog post about Carole King's great cd! I discussed some of these tracks on my site - we have a monthly great music for kids feature, where we (like this site) discuss and suggest some "adult" music that is also perfectly suited to the sippy cup set. Keep up the great work.