Monday, June 12, 2006

Alas, no "We Are the Champions"

I won't say another word about it today.

In other news... I'm old.

How old? My birthday is around the corner and let's just say, for my Homecoming Dance, the theme was Styx's "Come Sail Away." Yeah, old. Care to guess?

In honor of that dance wherein I wore a Laura Ashley seafoam green (with a frosted sheen) off-the-shoulder number and had my bi-level hair blown out as straight as a Jew fro will go in Hollywood, Florida, I give you... Styx for Kids.

Okay only Mr. Roboto counts. But I'll throw in "Come Sail Away" for good measure.

Styx, "Mr. Roboto"
"Come Sail Away"

Thank you Michelle for sending me these. I think.


deb in sf said...

I'm seriously more afraid of playing Mr. Roboto for my kids (let alone We Are the Champions than Michael Jackson, any day! I will ne-ever hear the end of those songs. I know it's coming, though. What pre-pubescent kid doesn't run down the soccer field singing that song?

DevonT said...

The Mr. Roboto tour was my first rock concert and it blew my mind. I remember thinking that all concerts were mini-rock operas and being suprised when Rush came to town. Quite a thrill for me as a 10 year old when the old guy next to me used my program to roll a J.