Friday, May 19, 2006

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Once again I was gonna post something else, something I've been meaning to and then this:

I'm giving my daughter her bath and we're chatting it up as we do. I say, "Hey, I wanna try reading to you from a book with no pictures." And then I explain that, "You can use your imagination to think up what the characters look like" and then she says:

"Oh, I already do that Mommy, with songs."

And before I can even break into that gigantic smile that you know came upon me right quick, she continues, with not so much of a breath:

"Like on that Rockin' Robin song, I thought it was a girl singing but it's not, did you know that it's a boy? Daddy told me, and I imagined it was a girl singing and she wore a dress like Snow White, only not the one with the puffy sleeves, but the one that looks like it has rips in it and it's purple, like a light purple, maybe violet and her hair is in a bun and it's yellow and I thought, yeah, she is probably singing this song about her bird friend and I thought she looks like that but she's not a she, she's a boy."

Jackson Five, "Rockin Robin"


heather said...




I can't wait for Samuel to start making astute observations about musicians like that. Although the other day we were driving in the car and Prince, 1999, comes on the radio. Very thoughtfully, Samuel (2 1/2) looks out the window and says, "Hmm. That's the guy who sings Diego." (as in the theme song to the Diego TV show, as in Diego, sister of Dora).

I had to laugh, and tell him, "Honey, I don't think so."

Phil said...

I have a hard time playing Michael Jackson music for my kids. It creeps me out...

superclea said...

I hear you Phil. I do. But man that old stuff is sooo darn sweeet. Still, I understand.

virtualredhead said...

Oh, does a mommy's heart proud to discover such creativity and imagination. Lucky you.