Monday, May 15, 2006

Nasty Chicken Grease All Down Your White Shirt

I may just make this week soul week here at (sm)all ages. Course I've said stuff like that before and never kept my word, so maybe not. Today we bring you the dance routines of one Rufus Thomas. "Walking the Dog" is an obvious one (which I have not included below), as is "Funky Chicken" (which I have.) You got to-got to-got to love the songs that give the kids some clear explanatory dance moves to follow along to. Now we have a lot of versions of "Old MacDonald" here at our house and his is one of the best (although perhaps not the best). And then I remembered some twist-redux on the Chicken song and sure enough, it's the "Funky Penguin," here from the Wattstax: Living Word soundtrack. Not nearly as Funky but hello, it's about a penguin! He so was on that whole March before anyone else.

Rufus Thomas, "Funky Chicken"
Rufus Thomas, "Old MacDonald"
Rufus Thomas, "Funky Penguin"

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