Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Today's superhero of choice is Spiderman. I'm tired. Just putting them up. The most notorious is the Ramones version but I don't have that here. I do however have a link to the You Tube video for it (funny stuff.) I like that we've got the girls' version (Candy Band) vs. the boys' version (Mr. T Experience). Of course, my daughter prefers the girls because she's just such one. And did you know Doogie is the current voice of Spidey? I just learned that. Fascinating.

Candy Band, "Spiderman"
Mr. T Experience, "Spiderman"
Big Youth, "Spiderman Meets the Hulk"
Ookla the Mok, "Super Powers"

Extra Bonus Song:
Aquabats, "Tarantula"

Extra Bonus Videos:
And the You Tube link: Ramones "Spiderman" video
Also, a video of the intro to the live action Spiderman TV show

More info on the bands? Candy Band; Ookla the Mok; Aquabats; Mr. T Experience.

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vivarocks said...

Super Clea

you are so cool to know all these great bands. oh how i wish i could sing and had some inkling of musical talent and then i would stop at nothing to make sure we had our very own cool girl band. i mean, come on, who needs book writing and agency running when we could ROCK!

xo keva

SkylarKD said...

Moxy Fruvous does a great acapella version of the Spiderman theme on their 'Bargainville' CD.

I couldn't find an MP3 online, but check out the audio clip on Amazon:

Phil said...

Hi! Didn't I send you the Ramone's Spiderman version a few weeks back?

About Medicine Blog said...

And did you know Doogie is
the current voice of Spidey.