Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spare the Rock, Spoil The Child

That's the name of a podcast and blog featuring ... kids' music. And not the Wiggles. The radio show is hosted by Bill and his daughter Ella (who is in first grade) and it's a hoot. Bill posts his playlists too, so you (and ok, me) can get some cool ideas for more, more, more music. Bill features a lot of the artists who have traditional 'adult' bands (for lack of a betta word) by night and kid rock bands by day. So to his site, where you can sign up for the ol' podcast and even hear MP3s of previous shows:

Spare The Rock: The Radio Show

There were two songs from his New Years' Eve show that I liked especially. One is so hokey with a capital H, a true "kids" song, but it's the kind of song my daughter will squeal over. Do I wanna hear it over and over and over... no. But every now and again you give in just to see that certain smile. The song, a Q&A ditty, is by Billy Jonas and it is called "What Kind of Cat Are You?" Within two listens I guarantee she will be hollering "Cataclysm" back at the stereo.

The other song that I heard on the show was Spoon's "Fitted Shirt." I like Spoon a lot and I'd heard this song before, but not in this context, so here it is. It reminded me of a song (in content, not in style) from my hammock-swinging, hippy-dippy childhood by Donovan called "I Love My Shirt." And so, here you go:

Billy Jonas, "What Kind of Cat Are You?"
Spoon, "Fitted Shirt"

Donovan, "I Love My Shirt"

Tomorrow... Saint Etienne....


Medicine said...

Bill posts his playlists too, so you can
get some cool ideas for more, more, more music.