Friday, March 17, 2006

Room is Secure, Commence Message

Dance Party Friday? Oh no. Here is the DJ who goes by Ursula 1000. What's his name? Oh, here it is, Alex Gimeno. You know the drill: fake 60s hipster sounds spiraling all over the place. It's shagadelic. Ugh! Someone stick a sock in me. It can be fun though. Right? Anyone? Let's just enjoy the Incredibles re-mix and the ska song with dance beats, laughing and coughing! The latter is a new song from a new CD that's not yet released. It's fun if not entirely memorable. And to finish off the unofficial Krofft week? Two for the price of one! Big hats! Big feet!

Ursula 1000, "Incredibles Remix"
Ursula 1000, "Two Tone Rocka"
Lidsville Theme Song
Big Foot and Wildboy Theme

The Ursula 1000 site. There are more tunes on eMusic and of course you can buy their CD at Amazon.


Phil said...

Lidsville... One of my favorites as a kid. I used to absolutely love those "Saturday Morning Preview" shows that ran a couple times a season in prime-time. It was like getting a preview of Christmas morning! My whole life revolved around the Saturday morning shows during the 70's... Like 8am to noon. What a wasted youth.

Charles Nelson Reilly rules!