Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hey There Little Blogger

I almost feel silly posting about Jonathan Richman. I mean, if ever there was an obvious choice for this blog, well this is it. But what the hey. I promise it doesn't mean I've run out of ideas. It just means, well, it means today will be easier than tomorrow or yesterday, that's all. Jonathan, master of the ridiculously silly song and un-ironic delivery, we praise you (or rather, I praise you.) And hey, like the Beatles or Zep, you cannot download this stuff on iTunes. So, enjoy. And you know there are a zillion more your kids will dig. Oh and lastly, since I'm on that Krofft kick, I've included yet another Krofft classic theme, below. It's unofficially Krofft week!

Jonathan Richman, "Abominable Snowman in the Market"
Jonathan Richman, "Hey There Little Insect"
Jonathan Richman, "Buzz Buzz Buzz"
Land of the Lost theme song

Here is an extensive fan page. Buy Jonathan records at Amazon.


Mrs. Davis said...

Land of the Lost?!?! Ooohhhh, you are the COOLEST! I love ALL the Krofft stuff you've posted lately.

Medicine said...

And you know there are a zillion more your kids will dig.