Monday, March 06, 2006

Books... Check 'Em Out!

I'm thinking of making Mondays "Angsty Mondays" and only showcasing bands and songs that are perfect for you and your littles ones when you're amped up on sugar coco puffs and it's raining outside and you've just got to work it on out but there is no place to go but up and down, up and down, up and down. To kick off my potential "Angsty Mondays" (I'm not sold on the idea just yet, I have a hard time committing) I bring you Supernova. They recorded a few records and a bunch of singles in the late-90s. They were on Amphetamine Reptile for awhile and Sympathy for the Record Industry and they are no longer. 95% of their songs had one-word titles.

Supernova, "Books"

You can download more tunes on emusic.


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Dr. Health said...

They were on Amphetamine Reptile for awhile.